Community Liaison


The Ridge Landfill has successfully operated in its current location since 1966. Waste Connections of Canada (formerly Progressive Waste Solutions) acquired the facility in 2005. The existing landfill is anticipated to reach its approved capacity in 2022.

We have an environmental management system in place for the landfill that follows stringent Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) regulations. We continuously review and update our operational programs in and around the landfill to ensure environmental protection and prevention of nuisance issues such as litter, birds, odour, dust and traffic from impacting our neighbours and the community.

We also work closely with the Ridge Community Liaison Committee and its members have been very helpful in providing us input on a wide range of operational and planning programs that we believe have improved the operation of the landfill.

The Ridge Landfill completed a hydrogeological drilling program at the site in 2016. The drilling is part of pre-Environmental Assessment field work to confirm existing environmental conditions. Drilling occurred on buffer lands adjacent to the landfill operation and involved six wells: one on Erieau Road; three along Allison Line; and, two along Charing Cross Road. The drilling program also included the installation of an additional six leachate quality testing wells on-site. Well monitoring activity is underway. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Cathy Smith at 519.358.2860.

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